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Imagine the consequences of being able to teleport yourself, in a matter of seconds, to an operating room. Imagine significantly reducing the time, cost and inconvenience associated with travel. Imagine an operating room where we can accommodate as many surgeons as we wish, without physical space restrictions and with the possibility of accessing any area, corner or data. Imagine being present and non-intrusive. Imagine being able to access the knowledge or experience of any professional colleague in the world, while performing an intervention. Imagine democratising surgery and access to quality surgical services? Imagine all of this becoming a reality NOW! Imagine mSurgery

About us

mSurgery is an innovative immersive communication hub, designed specifically for use in operating room environments. This platform integrates advanced software that simulates physical presence in the operating room, and leverages technology to digitally connect surgeons. This allows users to experience a complete view of the surgical environment and its details, and allows them to interact in real time from anywhere in the world. An interaction capable of recreating for the participants, the feeling of collaborating side by side in the intervention, regardless of their physical location.

mSurgery is a communication platform co-created with surgeons to multiply confidence, efficiency and reach within the surgical world. We transform training into real experience, multiply care and elevate teaching to new heights.

We are talking about collaborative surgery between professionals through virtual access to the operating room. Real-time communication that facilitates interaction beyond spatial and geographical limitations.

We improve surgeons’ efficiency in carrying out their proctoring responsibilities. We avoid the time, cost and inconvenience of travel. We replace physical presence with remote supervision.

Transmit experience through teaching. As a tele-mentoring tool, it is excellent for training and mentoring surgeons. With mSurgery, professionals experience the presence of their mentors during the intervention.

The platform is designed to record and store the knowledge of the professionals involved in the interventions. Its features and functionalities allow training to be taught and perceived at a new level.

The immersive communication platform mSurgery is easily accessible from any electronic device with an internet connection. It is quickly accessed via a URL address, without the need to install an app, and is suitable for any operating system on the market. Whether from your desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or virtual reality glasses, access the content of the platform, and maintain two-way communication with the operating room and/or training sessions.

In multi-camera mode, and thanks to the ease of use and flexibility of formats offered by mSurgery’s dynamic grid, we can always access simultaneously and synchronously to:

The surgeon's vision

In open surgery, the surgeon’s vision transmission glasses are connected to mSurgery. In this way, we have real-time access to the surgeons’ direct vision*.

In minimally invasive surgeries, mSurgery transmits stereoscopic (3D) videos from various surgical devices**, as well as the same images from endoscopes, microscopes, ultrasound scanners and other devices available in the operating room.

Surgeon's annotations

If we equip the operating room with a touch screen to project all the images accessible from the mSurgery platform, it will be possible to make digital annotations on the images of the operation in the operating room. In addition to receiving annotations generated from outside the operating room. This facilitates communication and understanding between professionals, without affecting their routine.

See everything that happens in the operating room

360º vision: If we equip the room with 360º cameras, we obtain a global and immersive vision of everything that happens in the operating room, without taking up physical space, without moving and without the sensation of disturbing. By connecting with virtual reality glasses, we obtain a greater degree of immersion, and the impact and mental retention of the information is multiplied.

Environmental and detail vision: If we place environmental cameras and cameras focused on strategic points of the operating room, we complete the information simultaneously and totally synchronised.

Talking and listening

The mSurgery system is complemented by microphones and loudspeakers inside the operating room to ensure two-way communication between the people inside and outside the operating room. Images, videos and audios are transmitted and recorded 100% synchronised through mSurgery.

*mSurgery is compatible with the vast majority of commercial augmented reality glasses on the market.** We are the first platform in the world to transmit the 3D signal from the Da Vinci surgical robot console to virtual reality glasses and 3D tablets.

Multi-camera visualisation

Sometimes we would like to have more than 2 eyes so that we don’t miss anything in an operating room. That is the function of our dynamic viewing grid. It allows us to have a multi-camera view. Not only can you see simultaneously and synchronised, as many images as you consider, but you can choose the view configuration at any given moment. Decide which is your main camera; hone in on the detail of a 3D image of the surgical robot; zoom in on a screen while still paying attention to the dexterity in a surgeon’s hands…

Bidirectional communication in real time

Time is key in surgery, that’s why mSurgery prioritises the importance of minimum signal latency, both video and audio, to all its users. Under normal signal circumstances, the latency is always less than 500 milliseconds in signal delay. So the live feeling is guaranteed: sharing vision and conversing as if you were in the same room is a fact with mSurgery.

Directly from inside the operating room. The medical staff themselves prepare the broadcast of the session as part of the workflow of the operation, without the need for audiovisual specialists. Give guests access, select the level of bidirectionality, and choose whether to record or simply broadcast.


We playback the recorded session of a live event, but we manage it from our office. The external user has the same live feeling as in the LIVE version, as they have access to the same information and with the same time scale, but whoever directs the session, multiplies the capacity to transmit information and exchange opinions with the participants. A spectacular tool for giving a master class, or for reviewing procedures. Broadcast a live session and choose whether you want to record the new session as well, which includes the LIVE of the intervention, plus the entire explanatory session of the master class.


The recorded LIVE and PLAYBACK LIVE sessions will be available in the mSurgery VIDEOLIBRARY. The platform itself allows you to edit the videos without the need for external software and without being an expert in video editing.

Collaborative Surgery remotely and in real time
As a bariatric surgeon and trainer in bariatric surgery with the Da Vinci robotic platform, mSurgery will become an essential tool in the training path of any surgeon, resident or student. It offers us the possibility of being able to advise and guide surgeons with less experience with a robotic platform remotely and in real time. The clarity of communication and precision of images in mSurgery facilitates effective collaboration, allowing the most demanding surgical techniques to be performed more safely and improving patient outcomes. It is, without a doubt, a revolutionary tool in the field of surgery.- Dr. Jordi Tarascó, Specialist in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.

Dr. Jordi TarascóSpecialist in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.

"As a surgeon, mSurgery has transformed my surgical practice. Recently, during a complex operation, I received real-time assistance from a colleague 3000 km away. The clarity of communication and accuracy of the images in mSurgery facilitated effective collaboration, allowing me to apply specialised techniques that significantly improved the outcome for my patient. It is, without a doubt, a revolutionary tool in the field of surgery."

Dr. Alejandro GómezCirujano General

"En nuestro hospital universitario, mSurgery ha sido un activo invaluable en la formación de nuestros residentes de cirugía. La capacidad de la plataforma para facilitar sesiones educativas detalladas y en tiempo real ha enriquecido enormemente su aprendizaje. Los residentes ahora pueden observar una gama más amplia de procedimientos y técnicas, acelerando su desarrollo y preparándolos mejor para su carrera futura."

Laura FernándezGerente de Hospital Universitario

"Como responsable de marketing en una empresa farmacéutica, he observado el impacto positivo de mSurgery en la formación médica. La plataforma ha sido crucial para presentar nuestros productos a través de casos prácticos reales. Los médicos aprecian la oportunidad de aprender de situaciones reales, lo que ha mejorado notablemente la aceptación y comprensión de nuestros productos."

Martín VázquezDirector de Marketing, Pharma Innovations

"Trabajando en ventas de equipamiento quirúrgico, mSurgery ha cambiado radicalmente nuestra estrategia de demostración y formación. La plataforma nos ha permitido mostrar de manera eficaz y dinámica los beneficios de nuestra tecnología. Los cirujanos y los equipos médicos pueden ver en tiempo real cómo nuestros productos mejoran los resultados para los pacientes, acelerando así su adopción."

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