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Being in an operating room, from any place at any time, and joining the surgeon to assist or learn some procedure, opens a universe of possibilities for remote assistance and learning of surgery procedures.

Our goal is to provide a web platform aimed at the collaboration and assistance needs of surgeons and to improve the training process at different levels.

How it works?

In operating room

For each operating room, we install specific hardware according to surgeons' needs and the type of the operating room itself. Surgeons can configure their streaming rooms, setting up the display layout, video sources such as medical equipment, and ambient and immersive cameras.

Users can create rooms and can invite remote participants to join sessions. Then the surgeon can start the session through the platform and connect in real-time with other participants.

During the session, the surgeon can edit the layout settings and the video sources to spotlight different elements of the procedure. Also, he can draw strokes on the videos to point to participants some relevant aspects of the intervention.

As participant

A participant can play different roles, can be an expert assisting in real-time the surgeon in some complex procedures, or be a novel doctor getting some training.

The participant joins a session through an invitation and sees the configured layout with the video streams in real-time. Participants can interact with the surgeon in the operating room by voice and video and using the pointing features.

Operating room setup

We work with a versatile set of hardware that allows setting up the operating rooms according to specific needs in each case. So, we can deploy the hardware for different kinds of operating rooms and even in generic hospital rooms.

Communication core
  • All-in-one device assembled with a 4k touch screen, a high-performance processor, and a dedicated graphics card. It integrates different capture cards (SDI, HDMI, etc.)
  • Specialize ambient camera with PTZ feature, optical zoom, speakers, and microphone.
  • Different types of auxiliary cameras both USB and wireless, and different headset microphones.
Immersive experience
  • 360 camera and different support arms and tripods.
  • Virtual reality model of a standard operating room.

Fully web platform

mSurgery is a web platform fully device-aware. You only need to have a modern web browser on your device to use it. An adaptative interface was designed to allow running the platform on almost any screen size, from smartphones to personal computers. This characteristic is very useful, since users only need a mobile and a stable network connection to assist a surgeon in the operating room or to take unplanned training.

A relevant characteristic of this platform is the ability to use the immersive experience from virtual reality glasses without installing any app, just open your browser, type the URL, and you will be immediately inside the operating room. Another advantage is the possibility to run the immersive experience using alternative devices, like cardboards, mobiles, tablets, and personal computers.

Use it for

Remote assistance

Sometimes, surgeons face unknown and complex situations during an operation. Being able to have the assistance of a colleague, no matter his location, is invaluable. One of the main uses of mSurgery is to get assistance from experienced surgeons in complex situations.


Training novel surgeons can be a complicated and expensive task. Students need to travel sometimes long trips, and the operating room have physical space for a few at a time. mSurgery allows expanding the boundaries of the operating room, connecting with an auditorium, or with some student who is miles from the operating room. The different platform's features made it also a powerful tool for training operating room staff.


Latest News


March 10, 2023

XXIII National Hepatobiliary Surgery Meeting and Transplant
mSurgery allowed showing surgical interventions to the audience in the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia to attend and learn from surgeries in real-time.

November 14, 2023

Web Summit Lisbon 2023
mSurgery presents in Lisbon why it is a powerful tool able to improve and ease the medical education.

November 13, 2023

XXIV National Surgery Meeting
mSurgery brings a new immersive robotic training experience presented by Dr. Jordi Tarascó, in collaboration with Abex and Telefónica.