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Technical features


We won't say it's perfect, but it's close.

These are most of the technical features we can tell you about mSurgery. They will continue to grow.

Secure and private

Integrated with OR

Live streaming


Playback live streaming

Private video-library


Ultra low latency

2D 4k

3D 4k

3D organ rendering

360º 4k





Dinamic grid

4 simultaneous images

Digital annotation

Video editing

Video tagging

Advanced search

Connect to MDs

Unlimited concurrent users

Cloud storage

Conditional pricing

Always available

Fixed system in OR



Internet connection

2D from 20 mbps

3D from 30 mbps

Private sharing

Private access

Usage parameters

Features in Play Mode

Secure and private

Security and privacy are fundamental pillars at mSurgery. That is why we guarantee that all information handled is treated with the utmost care and responsibility, thus ensuring the trust and peace of mind of all our users


At mSurgery, we understand that information security and privacy are of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to clinical and patient data. We are committed to ensuring that all documentation and videos recorded on our platform are handled with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, in accordance with the protocols established by each hospital.

Encryption and Data Protection:

All clinical data and records in mSurgery, including videos that form part of the patient’s medical history, are kept encrypted on our platform. This encryption ensures that sensitive information is protected against unauthorised access, guaranteeing its confidentiality and integrity.

Controlled and Personalised Access:

Access to information in mSurgery is strictly governed by authentication and permission systems. Each hospital has the power to establish its own security, confidentiality and permissions protocols, allowing only authorised personnel to access relevant data. This ensures that data privacy is maintained at all times.

Surgeon’s decision:

We understand that surgeons must have control over what information is transmitted and shared. At mSurgery, surgeons have the ability to decide what data is shared, with whom and when, while respecting privacy and medical ethics.

Commitment to Confidentiality:

We are committed to maintaining a secure and confidential environment for all mSurgery users. We respect and comply with global data protection and privacy regulations, ensuring that every interaction and every piece of information handled through our platform is secure and confidential.

Integrated in the Operating Room

Adaptability and seamless integration are essential for any technology in the operating room. From enhancing training to facilitating remote collaboration, mSurgery is a powerful tool that integrates flawlessly. An indispensable ally in the operating room.


Complete Integration in Operating Rooms with mSurgery and mSEngine

  1. mSurgery offers a fully integrated solution for operating rooms, ideal for advanced technology-equipped and integrated surgical environments. By installing the mSEngine, a powerful central computer, mSurgery becomes an essential additional component in the operating room, complementing existing technology.
  2. Adaptability in Various Surgical Settings: In operating rooms with limited resources, mSurgery and its mSEngine adapt seamlessly, connecting all video and audio sources for transmission through the platform.
  3. Centralized Communications: The mSEngine acts as the system’s brain, managing all communications, whether through the hospital’s internal network or by connecting to the cloud, without storing any information.
  4. Ease of Installation and Use: In integrated operating rooms, mSurgery and the mSEngine are implemented within the room’s systems, facilitating installation and optimizing their use in the surgical environment.


Broadcast a surgical procedure live from the operating theatre as part of the working procedures. The medical team itself activates the transmission system, and decides whether to transmit and whether to record the session


Live Streaming: Simplicity and Efficiency in the Operating Room

mSurgery revolutionises live streaming of surgical procedures, facilitating two-way communication without the need for specialist engineers and technicians. Integrated within the OR workflow, mSurgery enables live streaming to be activated easily and effectively.

User Management and Programming:

The platform allows the scheduling of surgical interventions and the management of access permissions for different user groups.

Users can access the surgery individually or broadcast the surgery to a wider audience.

Flexibility in Visualisation:

During live streaming, users have the freedom to select from multiple video streams, synchronised to the millimetre, with up to four screens displayed simultaneously.

This functionality ensures that each user can focus on the most relevant aspects of the surgery, in real time and with fluid and continuous communication.

Recording and Editing in mSurgery

Recording a surgical procedure is always optional with mSurgery. The surgeon and the hospital decide. The platform makes it possible to easily and fully record the session and edit it later.


In addition to its ability to stream live interventions, mSurgery offers the option to record all video and audio signals during surgery. This functionality opens up a range of possibilities for learning and continuing education.

Recording for Analysis and Training:

The recording of surgeries allows for detailed review and post-operative analysis, facilitating the identification of areas for improvement and highlighting best practices.

The recorded sessions can be used for education and training, allowing practitioners to review specific procedures and surgical techniques in detail.

Editing on the Platform:

mSurgery not only records, but also allows editing of the recordings within the platform itself, providing a comprehensive tool for the creation of customised educational material.

Users can edit the recordings to focus on particular aspects of the surgery, thus improving the quality of the training material available to students and professionals.

Review and Discussion of Procedures:

The platform enables surgeons and experts to review and discuss recorded surgical procedures, recording these sessions as new interactions with additional participants, annotations and comments.

This enriched debate transforms each review into a unique session, offering new perspectives and learning at each “live broadcast” of the proceedings.

A New Level of Master Class:

mSurgery elevates the concept of the “master class” by allowing experts to share knowledge and experience, reliving cases of high educational value in multiple live sessions.

In these sessions, students and colleagues experience the surgery as if it were live, with access to all the information and the ability of the expert to answer their questions in real time.

Playback live

The “Playback Live Session” function opens up new dimensions in surgical training. It allows the review of procedures, and the creation of a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Each session becomes a unique opportunity to deepen knowledge, technique and decision-making.


Reliving Surgeries with “Playback Live Session” at mSurgery

mSurgery’s “Playback Live Session” feature represents an innovation in the immersion and review of surgical procedures. This unique tool allows you to accurately recreate each surgery, offering a realistic and detailed perspective of the surgical environment.

Total Immersion in Surgical Procedures:

The seamless synchronisation of mSurgery’s information feeds recreates the complete surgical experience, allowing users to re-immerse themselves in the procedure as if they were present in the operating theatre.

This detailed recreation facilitates a deeper understanding of the surgery, providing a valuable tool for medical training and practice.

estuvieran presentes en el quirófano.

– Esta recreación detallada facilita una comprensión más profunda de la cirugía, proporcionando una herramienta valiosa para la formación y la práctica médica.

Video - bookshop

Access videos recorded on the platform (VOD) whenever and wherever you want: Multi-camera, fully synchronised video and audio streams; images of surgical equipment; 360° cameras; environmental cameras, etc.


Content Creation in mSurgery: Personalised Video Library

Advanced Content Creation: Building your Surgical Library with mSurgery

mSurgery offers a comprehensive solution for the development of an advanced knowledge base in surgical environments. Each subscriber has the opportunity to create and customise their own video library, which not only includes videos of surgical sessions, but also detailed annotations and records of communications between participants. This library becomes a valuable resource for continuous learning and reference.

Privacy and Intellectual Property: Controlling and Protecting your Content at mSurgery

At mSurgery, privacy and intellectual property are paramount. Surgeons who create content on the platform retain full control over their material, including decisions about the level of access and availability of content. We respect the authorship and importance of each session, ensuring that intellectual property rights are protected and managed by their creators.

Synchronisation and Control of Content: Full Access to Synchronised Content in mSurgery

The mSurgery platform seamlessly stores and synchronises videos and audios of surgical sessions, providing users with comprehensive access to a wide range of information. This synchronisation facilitates a complete and detailed view of the sessions, allowing content owners to regulate access to content according to their criteria.

Editing and Content Management

mSurgery not only stores content, but also provides advanced tools for editing and tagging of sequences. These functionalities allow content to be optimised for didactic and informative use, maximising its value as teaching and reference material, and enriching the users’ educational experience.

VOD+ Multi-Camera: Multi-Camera Experience for Immersive Learning at mSurgery

Elevating the Video on Demand (VOD) experience, mSurgery allows users to interact with a set of synchronised videos and audios, offering a multi-camera perspective. This feature allows users to customise their view of the content, exploring different angles and perspectives, and immersing themselves in a unique and comprehensive learning experience.


Bidirectionality is not just innovation, but a transformation in the way we interact, learn and collaborate. This feature of the platform elevates the surgical and educational experience to a higher level, with richer interaction and deeper understanding of surgical procedures and techniques.

Ultra low latency

mSurgery’s Ultra Low Latency is an integral part of our commitment to safety and efficiency in the operating room. By reducing latency to a minimum, we ensure that medical professionals have the information they need at the right time, for the highest quality.


Crucial Real-Time Decisions

Reduced Latency for Agile Decisions:

Under normal internet access conditions (speeds in excess of 20 mBs), mSurgery achieves a latency of less than 500 milliseconds. This exceptional performance ensures that information arrives almost instantaneously, allowing surgeons and medical teams to make real-time decisions based on the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Technical Limitations and Adaptability:

In the case of 360° and 3D image transmission, latency can be influenced by the technical capabilities of the capturing devices. For example, with state-of-the-art 4K 360º cameras, latency can exceed 700 milliseconds. However, mSurgery is designed to optimise transmission within these technical limitations, providing the best possible experience.

4K display

The 4K high definition of each image ensures that the finest details are visible, which is critical for decision-making during surgery. Adaptability to Image Sources

3D Surgery

At mSurgery, we elevate the surgical experience to a new dimension with our ability to stream stereoscopic 3D images and videos from surgical equipment: surgical robots, endoscopes, microscopes, and more.

Integration of 3D Simulation and VR in mSurgery

mSurgery integrates 3D organ simulation and recreation programmes, developed using artificial intelligence. This integration makes it possible to transmit detailed, three-dimensional information generated in the operating theatre directly through our platform, accessible on devices such as 3D tablets and virtual reality glasses.

Transmission 360º

Transmitting 360° images, it allows users to feel as if they are physically inside the operating theatre, elevates the immersive experience in the operating theatre and offers a realistic and immersive experience in real time.


Accessibility and Image Quality:

  • The mSurgery 360° broadcast can be enjoyed on devices such as 3D tablets and virtual reality glasses, maximising accessibility and the immersive experience.
  • The high image quality in 4K ensures that every detail, from the surgical tools to the techniques used, is captured with the utmost sharpness and clarity.

Augmented Reality (AR) in mSurgery

By using AR glasses, surgeons can access relevant information during an intervention, such as clinical data visualisations or anatomical guides. This advance represents a qualitative leap in medical training and collaboration for a deeper understanding of surgical procedures.

Virtual Reality (VR) at mSurgery

A fully immersive experience in the surgical environment. With VR glasses, users experience the sensation of being physically present in the operating theatre, deeper and more empathetic learning, and better explore every aspect of the surgical procedure in first person.

Mixed Reality (MR) in mSurgery

mSurgery adopts mixed reality (MR) to combine the real world with virtual elements. This functionality allows users to not only observe surgery, but also interact with virtual elements superimposed on the real environment, such as anatomical models or information graphics. MRI in mSurgery opens up a world of possibilities, from the simulation of procedures to the detailed review of complex cases.

Extended Reality (XR) at mSurgery

mSurgery on XR represents the convergence of all extended reality technologies, including AR, VR and MRI. This integration allows the best of each technology to be leveraged. Medical training and collaboration reaches a new level of interactivity and depth, in an environment that goes beyond the limits of conventional reality.


Intuitive and Efficient Editing of Surgical Videos with mSurgery

Selecting and Highlighting Keyframes:

mSurgery users can select specific frames that they consider important to highlight in the recorded procedure. This selection allows them to focus on crucial moments in the procedure, facilitating analysis and review.

The editing tool allows you to remove sections of video that are not relevant or should not be shown, ensuring that only essential or permitted information is presented.

Creation of New Sessions from Original Sources:

From the original video sources recorded in mSurgery, users can create a new edited session. This new session preserves the integrity and consistency of the surgical procedure, maintaining an accurate and unaltered timeline.

By editing and shortening the images, mSurgery acts on the entire sequence of recorded videos simultaneously, ensuring that the editing does not alter the time sequence or the coherence of the surgical procedure.

Dinamic grid at mSurgery

mSurgery offers users the possibility to customise the order and size of the screens they view simultaneously, thanks to its dynamic grid. In this way, each user can adapt the experience to their specific preferences and needs.


Initial Configuration and Transmission Customisation

Flexibility and Customisation in Transmission Configuration

From the operating theatre, mSurgery allows an initial configuration of devices and their arrangement in the stream to be set up for users. This allows medical professionals to adjust the visualisation according to the specific needs of each surgical procedure, ensuring a personalised and efficient transmission.

Versatile Display in Different FormatsAdaptability in Viewing Formats: 2D, 3D and Stereoscopic View

mSurgery users have the ability to view images in a variety of formats: from traditional 2D to stereoscopic and 3D views. This flexibility allows the viewing experience to be tailored to the nature of the medical device, the type of camera used and the technology employed, ensuring a deep and detailed understanding of the surgical procedure.

Integration with Virtual and Mixed Reality Technologies

Immersive Virtual and Mixed Reality Experience

The mSurgery Dynamic Grid integrates seamlessly with virtual reality goggles, offering mixed reality experiences in VR, AR and 3D modes. Access to 360° cameras, viewable through a wide range of commercial virtual reality goggles, provides full immersion in the surgical environment, significantly enriching understanding and learning.

Full View Customisation

Optimal Personalisation of the Visual Experience

mSurgery offers users the ability to customise the order and size of the screens they view simultaneously. This customisation capability ensures that each user can tailor the display to their specific preferences and needs, guaranteeing an optimal and fine-tuned experience during the viewing of surgical procedures.

4K Visualization

The Dynamic Grid of mSurgery offers advanced technical functionality, allowing users to configure and view up to four synchronized high-definition 4K video streams simultaneously.


While mSurgery ensures the highest possible image quality transmission, the final quality also depends on the original image sources. mSurgery adapts to the quality provided by medical cameras and devices, committed to transmitting the image with the greatest fidelity possible.

Real-Time Digital Annotations

This valuable tool allows for smoother and more accurate, real-time interaction both within the operating theatre and with remote teams.


Integration with Touch Screens in the Operating Room:

By incorporating mSurgery-enabled touchscreens in the operating theatre, surgeons can configure and manipulate the images that will be viewed by external observers.

The facility to make digital annotations directly on these images allows key points to be highlighted, observations to be made and detailed explanations to be provided in real time.

Bidirectionality in Communication and Collaboration:

The digital annotation feature of mSurgery is bidirectional. This means that, in addition to sending annotations from the OR, external participants can also send their own annotations and comments, which will be received and displayed in the OR.

This two-way capability significantly enriches the practice of collaborative surgery, allowing for a more dynamic and enriching exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Intuitive Editing

The video editing feature is specifically designed for medical professionals to customize the most relevant aspects of their surgical recordings.

Organisation and Accessibility with Tags and Metadata in mSurgery

One of the most advanced functionalities is the creation of tags and metadata, which allows the organisation and accessibility of videos and surgical video sequences, and to quickly locate and access the most relevant information.


Intuitive and Efficient Labelling:

mSurgery users can assign specific tags to videos and video sequences, making them easy to sort and search. These tags can include information such as the type of surgery, the name of the surgeon, the date, the techniques used, and other relevant details.

The tagging system is intuitive and adaptable, allowing users to customise tags according to their needs and preferences, making navigation and location of specific content much more efficient.

Metadata for Accurate Searching:

In addition to tags, mSurgery allows metadata to be added to each video, which enriches the information available and facilitates more precise and detailed searches.

Metadata may include details such as the duration of the procedure, equipment used, complications observed, and any other data that may be useful to identify and contextualise the video.

Efficient and Fast Search in mSurgery

mSurgery has an advanced internal search engine that allows users to quickly find specific sessions and details within them, thanks to its system of tags and metadata.

Universal connectivity

mSurgery integrates with and transmits images from almost any medical device. This universal connectivity not only enhances the surgical experience, but also opens up new possibilities in training, collaboration and analysis of complex procedures.


Total Integration of Medical Devices in mSurgery: Unlimited Visualization and Transmission

1. Wide Range of Device Connectivity:

a. mSurgery is compatible with a variety of medical devices that provide imaging, such as surgical robots, endoscopes, vision towers, ultrasound machines, microscopes, X-ray machines, exoscopes, and surgical navigators.

b. This extensive connectivity allows medical professionals to share and visualize a comprehensive range of surgical images, from the most detailed microscopic views to the broad visualizations provided by surgical navigation systems.

2. High-Quality, Real-Time Transmission:

a. With mSurgery, users can not only connect these devices but also transmit their images in high quality and in real time. This means that interventions and procedures can be followed and analyzed by other professionals from any location, thus facilitating more effective collaboration and training.

b. The ability to transmit these images in high definition ensures that the fine and critical details of each procedure are clearly visible to all participants, improving decision-making and learning.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability in Surgical Practice:

a. The flexible integration of mSurgery with a wide range of medical devices reflects our commitment to adaptability and innovation. This enables operating rooms to be equipped with the most advanced technology without worrying about compatibility or transmission limitations.

b. Each operating room can customize its mSurgery experience by selecting and combining the imaging sources that best suit their specific surgical needs and procedures.

Concurrent Users and Bandwidth Requirements

mSurgery has been designed with a technical capability that allows remarkable flexibility in the number of concurrent users. Although the platform does not set an a priori maximum limit, the optimal performance and quality of communication can be influenced by the amount of available bandwidth, especially when the number of simultaneously connected users is high.


Base Proposal for 50 Concurrent Users

The base configuration of mSurgery is optimised to support up to 50 concurrent users, which is ideal for most common medical environments and applications.

For environments requiring a larger number of simultaneously connected users, it is recommended to evaluate and potentially increase bandwidth capacity to maintain optimal platform performance.

Not all surgical environments have a high-speed internet connection. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to ensure efficient, quality transmission, even with limited bandwidth, from 20 Mbps and up.

Cloud computing

We offer a virtually unlimited storage solution, and adapt to the growing data needs in the medical environment. However, it is critical to understand how this “unlimited” storage is balanced with cost control and resource optimisation.


Cloud Storage: Unlimited Capacity and Flexibility at mSurgery

mSurgery leverages the potential of cloud computing to offer a virtually unlimited storage solution, adapting to the growing data needs of the medical environment. However, it is critical to understand how this “unlimited” storage is balanced with cost control and resource optimisation.

Theoretically Unlimited Storage Capacity:

Thanks to the scalable nature of cloud computing, mSurgery can store an enormous amount of data, including videos of surgeries, images and medical records. This theoretically unlimited capacity is a significant advantage, allowing users to access and store a wealth of relevant information.

However, although capacity is ample, cloud storage incurs costs. Therefore, efficient and conscious management of resources is essential to control costs.

Budgets and Optimised Annual Use:

mSurgery’s basic budgets are designed with a given annual usage of the system in mind. This helps to optimise resources and maintain control over cloud storage costs.

This planning ensures that hospitals and medical centres can take full advantage of the platform, while maintaining a balance between accessibility and economic efficiency.

Local Storage as an Alternative:

In addition to cloud storage, mSurgery offers the option of storing information locally, for example, on a local server in a hospital. This flexibility allows users to choose the configuration that best suits their needs and security or budgetary constraints.

The mSurgery system is versatile enough to allow for this dual configuration, ensuring that users can access their data securely and efficiently, either through cloud computing or local storage systems.

Pricing: Customised configuration of mSurgery

Each operating room and each situation of use of our platform is unique. Therefore, we offer a flexible and customised pricing scheme, which is adjusted to the specific characteristics of each surgical environment and to the objectives of use of the platform.

Constant Availability and 24/7 Access in mSurgery

We guarantee constant availability, both in the operating room environment and for access to content stored on the platform. As a cloud-based system, mSurgery offers its users the freedom and flexibility to access the platform and its resources at any time.


mSurgery: Always Available, Accessible at All Times

mSurgery has been carefully designed to guarantee constant availability, both in the OR environment and for access to content stored on the platform. As a cloud-based system, mSurgery offers its users the freedom and flexibility to access the platform and its resources at any time, thus ensuring 24/7 availability.

Unlimited Access in PLAYBACK LIVE and Video Library Modes:

mSurgery users can access the platform at any time to review content in PLAYBACK LIVE mode or browse the video library. This means that learning, training and collaboration resources are always within reach, regardless of time or location.

Constant availability is particularly valuable for medical professionals and students, who often require flexibility to adapt to demanding schedules and diverse time zones.

Free to Use Software and 24/7 Access:

As a cloud computing system, mSurgery software is not limited to a specific device or location. Users can access the platform from any device connected to the internet, enjoying a seamless and consistent user experience.

This 24/7 accessibility ensures that mSurgery is always available to assist in surgeries, training or review sessions, maximising the efficiency and productivity of medical staff.

Confidence in Connectivity and Support:

mSurgery is committed to providing a reliable and always operational system. Our technical support team works tirelessly to keep the platform in top condition, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

mSurgery’s robust cloud computing infrastructure ensures that the platform is resilient, secure and able to withstand continuous demand, regardless of user volume or intensity.

Total OR Integration: mSurgery with mSEngine

By installing the powerful mSEngine central computer, mSurgery becomes an ideal additional component for integrated and technologically advanced operating theatres.

mSCart: Mobile Version of mSurgery for Multiple Operating Theatres

mSCart represents the mobile version of mSurgery, designed to be easily moved between different operating theatres within a hospital. This robust and agile cart integrates the mEngine and a touch screen. A complete and portable solution for the transmission and recording of surgical interventions.


mSCart: Flexibility and Mobility in Surgical Integration

mSCart represents the mobile version of mSurgery, designed to be easily moved between different operating theatres within a hospital. This robust and agile cart integrates the mSEngine and a touch screen, offering a complete and portable solution for the transmission and recording of surgical interventions.

Autonomy and Mobility: With basic training, the medical team can move the mSCart from room to room, easily connecting the necessary components and enabling the mSurgery platform.

Medical Certification for Universal Integration: All mSCart components have the required medical certification, guaranteeing their compatibility and safety for use in any operating theatre.

mSKit: Portable Version of mSurgery for Travelling Surgeons

mSKit is the portable version of mSurgery. Ideal for surgeons who need a communication and recording solution that they can take with them to different hospitals. Compact and easy to carry, the mSKit includes a touch screen and a computer to connect to the mSurgery cloud computing system.


mSKit: mSurgery’s Portable Solution for Surgeons on the Move

mSKit is the portable version of mSurgery, ideal for surgeons who need a communication and recording solution that they can take with them to different hospitals. Compact and easy to carry, the mSKit includes a touch screen and a computer to connect to mSurgery’s cloud computing system.

Ease of Transport and Use: Designed for mobility, the mSKit allows surgeons to carry a powerful communication and recording tool with them, offering the same functionality of mSurgery in a compact suitcase.

Connectivity and Functionality Anywhere: With simple training, the mSKit allows clinicians to quickly set up the platform in any hospital, ensuring efficient transmission and recording of surgeries.

Universal accessibility

mSurgery is designed for accessibility and ease of use. No dependency on specific software or applications. The platform is easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. Simply enter a URL address in the browser.

Limited Broadband

Not all surgical environments have access to high-speed internet connection. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to ensure efficient and quality transmission, even with limited bandwidth, starting from 20 Mbps.

3D and 360-Degree Videos

We provide an immersive viewing experience with our capabilities for streaming 3D and 360-degree videos. To ensure maximum quality in these advanced transmissions, a minimum bandwidth of 20 Mbps is required.

Private Sharing

We understand the importance of privacy and control in managing surgical sessions. Therefore, our platform offers a private sharing feature, where each session has a designated host responsible for granting access to the platform, whether for live streams or access to previously recorded information.

Access and Management in mSurgery

: mSurgery is presented as a subscription-based solution, focused on security and customisation of access. The platform is configured with an agreed number of users, including the ability for concurrent users to participate simultaneously in sessions.


Private Access and User Management

Secure Access and User Control in mSurgery

mSurgery is presented as a subscription-based solution, focusing on security and personalisation of access. The platform is configured with an agreed number of users, including the ability for concurrent users to participate simultaneously in sessions.

Exclusive and Personalised Access: By purchasing mSurgery, clients receive unique access and passwords, ensuring rigorous and private control over who can access the platform.

Customer Responsibility for Access Management: The administration of these keys and accesses falls directly on the customer, giving them the freedom to manage and assign the use of the platform according to their specific needs.

Concurrent Users for Operational Flexibility: Defining the number of concurrent users allows customers to adapt the use of mSurgery to different scenarios, from small meetings to large-scale training events.


mSurgery includes a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide clients with valuable information to monitor and optimise the use of the platform. Detailed data on aspects such as views and usage times per user.
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