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Full professional support

mSurgery transforms operating rooms with its advanced immersive communication software, compatible with any surgical environment thanks to its connection flexibility, whether by fibre optics or 5G. This ensures seamless, real-time transmission of video and audio, connecting the operating room with the outside world, from internal hospital networks to direct internet. As a service (SaaS), mSurgery offers full professional support, from learning to daily use, including regular updates that keep professionals at the cutting edge.

Flexibility and adaptability

Whether hosted in the cloud for maximum accessibility or on local servers to integrate with existing infrastructures, mSurgery adapts to the specific needs of each client with a turnkey installation.


Technological core

The heart of mSurgery is the mSEngine, a medical-grade computer that centralises all video and audio connections in the operating room, seamlessly integrating with the platform.


A medical trolley-based solution designed to transport the system from one operating room to another within the same hospital. from one operating room to another within the same hospital. This adaptable system integrates easily into easily into any surgical environment.

Fixed installation

For permanent integration, mSEngine becomes an essential component of the operating room, accompanied by peripherals such as cameras and touch screens.

Integrated operating rooms

mSEngine merges with the operating room systems, optimising space and functionality.


A portable and simple configuration, designed to be hand-carried (in a briefcase) from place to place, ideal for environments with mobility needs. (in a briefcase) from one location to another, ideal for environments with mobility needs.

Simplified Connectivity

With both physical and wireless connections, mSEngine is designed to integrate naturally into the surgical workflow, and allows clinical staff to operate with complete autonomy.

Whatever you dream, you can achieve

mSurgery has hundreds of applications in the world of surgery. Depending on your specialty or field of work, we propose several use cases. However, don’t hesitate to ask us about any use you can think of.

From advanced technology such as surgical robots and laparoscopes to essential tools like ultrasound machines and microscopes, even X-ray systems, mSurgery facilitates the connection of these devices for clear and precise visualization during procedures.

It encompasses everything from touchscreens and specialized cameras (such as 360º and PTZ cameras) to audio systems and microphones. Even the augmented reality glasses used by surgical staff can be integrated, providing a fully immersive experience.

Its flexibility makes mSurgery the ideal solution for centres seeking excellence in surgical communication, as well as unprecedented collaboration and learning.

The use of mSurgery in the operating room

mSurgery has been designed as an intuitive plug & play system, which allows the surgical team full control and autonomy during operations. The operation is simple:


Content selection

The staff decides which videos and audios to transmit or record, ensuring synchronisation of all sources.


Communication configuration

Using the Dinamic Grid, we configure the initial communication screens, facilitate guest access and adjust the bidirectionality of the signals for total control from the operating room.


Complete visibility

With the inclusion of touch screens (as part of mSCart), the team has a clear and shared view of the operation, fully adjustable before and during the procedure.

Session recording and review

Each session is recorded comprehensively, storing all video and audio, regardless of the real-time configuration. This allows for detailed review and the ability to re-broadcast the procedure, providing a valuable tool for learning and collaboration.


With mSurgery, surgical communication and education reaches a new level of precision and flexibility, ensuring that knowledge and expertise is shared efficiently inside and outside the operating room.

Maximise learning with Playback Live

mSurgery’s Playback Live redefines surgical education by allowing surgical procedures to be streamed with full control from outside the operating room. This innovative feature enables timeline management, as well as pausing images for detailed explanations, digital annotation and discussion. All this without losing the feeling of a live broadcast.

How does it work?


Selecting the session

From the mSurgery video library, select the previously recorded session.


Starting the session

A new session is started with configurations similar to those of the operating room, including guests, access levels, bidirectionality and screen configuration.


Customised transmission

Once started, the session is streamed live, and we authorise or not the recording of this new session. The annotations made are saved as new data, enriching the original content without altering it.

At a glance

Session start
Configuration of the dinamic grid in the operating room
Permissions and guest access
Master class recording

Remote access to mSurgery

Global Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Connecting to mSurgery from anywhere outside the operating room is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is enter a specific URL address in the browser of your computer, smartphone, tablet or even virtual reality glasses, provided you have a stable internet connection (we recommend 20 mbps for an optimal experience).


No need to install additional applications or manage executable files. All you need is internet access.

With your user credentials, you can join live or recorded broadcasts. The experience is as intuitive and rich as participating in an advanced video conference.

Explore our extensive library of cases and recorded sessions, a rich source of knowledge and experience sharing.

At a glance

Privacy and exclusivity

Access to videos and audios is strictly limited to the mSurgery platform, which guarantees the security and privacy of information.

The contents are not exportable, so the sequence of synchronised images remains exclusive to authorised users of the platform.
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