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The inclusion of robotic technology in medicine has marked a milestone in the evolution of healthcare, promising a revolution in the accuracy, efficiency and outcomes of surgical procedures. However, for the manufacturers of these advanced systems, effectively presenting their innovations and training end users adequately represents a considerable challenge. This is where mSurgery emerges as a revolutionary solution, offering an immersive communication platform that transforms training, demonstration, and collaboration in the field of robotic surgery through the strategic use of virtual reality.

Challenges for Robotic Surgical Technology Manufacturers

Manufacturers face the complex task of demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of their robotic surgical equipment. This involves the logistics of travel and equipment setup for live demonstrations and coordination with medical professionals, often geographically dispersed. The deep technical and experiential training required to operate these systems proficiently required, until now, direct interaction with the equipment, presenting significant barriers in terms of time, cost and logistics.

The Comprehensive Solution: mSurgery

mSurgery presents itself as an immersive communication platform based on virtual reality, designed to simulate physical presence within the operating room. This allows users to explore and interact with the surgical environment and robotic equipment virtually, offering unparalleled benefits:

  • Immersive Virtual Reality: Enables detailed visualization and interaction with robotic equipment in a virtually replicated environment, providing a reality-like experience without the need for physical travel.
  • High-Quality 3D and 4K Visualization: The ability to transmit stereoscopic 3D images and 4K resolutions ensures that every detail of the procedure and robotic equipment is appreciated with maximum clarity, highlighting its advantages and precision.
  • Ultra-Low Latency and Bidirectional Communication: These essential features ensure smooth, real-time interaction, crucial for convincing demonstrations and effective interactive training.
  • Use of 360º Cameras: Offers a complete view of the operating room, enhancing understanding of surgical workflow and equipment functionality within its operative environment.
  • Multiuser Access: Allows simultaneous participation of multiple professionals in demonstration or training sessions, expanding the reach of each event and overcoming physical space restrictions.
Example of how a remote surgeon with VR glasses has the sensation of being in the operating room while the preparation and docking of the robot are being carried out.

Transformative Impact on Manufacturers

The adoption of mSurgery as a demonstration and training tool not only provides a significant competitive advantage by reducing the need for complex and costly logistics but also:

  • Facilitates Advanced Training: By allowing extensive demonstrations and training without the costs associated with physical travel, it enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process.
  • Shares Surgical Excellence: mSurgery enables leading surgeons worldwide in various specialties to showcase their skills and transmit their knowledge, offering incalculable value through remote mentoring and collaboration.
  • Generates Commercial Added Value: Complementing robotic surgical equipment with mSurgery enriches the proposition for end-users (hospitals and clinics), highlighting the manufacturer’s commitment to continuous education and comprehensive support.

Data Generation and Continuous Improvement

A significant advantage of mSurgery is its ability to generate an extensive and detailed database of robotic equipment usage in a variety of surgical environments. This information is vital for:

  • Product Innovation: Allows manufacturers to identify areas for improvement and innovation opportunities, ensuring that the product evolves in line with user needs.
  • Marketing Strategy: Offers powerful tools to communicate the value and effectiveness of devices to potential buyers, based on real effectiveness and outcome data.
  • Collaboration and Professional Development: Facilitates a global community of learning and collaboration among surgeons, fostering the exchange of advanced techniques and best practices.


mSurgery not only represents an innovative solution to the challenges associated with demonstration and training in robotic surgery but also redefines the collaboration and learning experience in the medical field. Its ability to simulate physical presence in the operating room, combined with advanced technical features and the ability to share elite knowledge, sets a new standard in surgical training and product presentation, offering invaluable qualitative and quantitative benefits for manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and ultimately, patients.