XXIII Congreso Nacional de Hospitales y Gestión Sanitaria

March 10, 2023

At the XXIII Congreso Nacional de Hospitales y Gestión Sanitaria, we show how our platform can help improve productivity and results in operating rooms.

We have presented a use case of robotic surgery with da Vinci, live on the first day, and with a recording of the case for on-demand consumption during the rest of the congress.

We were able to show how the combination of the daVinci with our technology can be a differential factor both in training processes for advanced surgical techniques and in the day-to-day life of an operating room.

Mobile World Congress 2023

March 3, 2023

mSurgery was an exhibitor in the 4YFN - 4 Years from Now, taking place at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The mSurgery team joined the event to show the platform and explain how it works to all visitors to the fair who came to the stand.

We make interesting contacts, such as potential clients, partners, and investors, all with whom we will work to potentially reach agreements. In addition, we had the opportunity to grant several interviews with some of the visitors that will be available in the coming weeks. All this has been possible thanks to the support of ICEX and

I International Conference on Robotic Surgery and Prostate Cancer

February 16, 2023

In this event, mSurgery has contributed to bringing knowledge of the most advanced surgical techniques developed during a Radical Prostatectomy + Bilateral Obturator and Iliac Lymphadenectomy intervention, carried out by the international expert Dr. Richard Gaston.

During the intervention, thanks to mSurgery technology, bidirectional communication was maintained in real time between the hospital assembly room and the operating room, where attendees were able to ask questions to Dr. Gaston moderated by Dr. Pablo Luis Guzmán.

The surgery was also broadcast in Virtual Reality, giving those attendees at the assembly room the opportunity to visit the robotic operating room virtually and feel like a member of the Surgical Team during the procedure.

Arab Health 2023

February 6, 2023

The mSurgery team has participated in the Arab Health 2023, the most important event for the medical-hospital sector in the Middle East and the second-largest global exhibition of the industry.

With the support of Extenda (Junta de Andalucía), the team presented mSurgery and talked about it to potential partners, showing them the best use cases, current features and the project roadmap.

mSurgery team receiving the EIBT seal

mSurgery gets the EIBT seal

January 17, 2023

The Malaga company Vectorpipe, based at BIC Euronova, has obtained the mark of Innovative Technology-Based Company (EIBT) accreditation recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and granted by the National Association of Social Initiative Employment Centers (Ceeis) Spaniards (Ances).

Carlos García, delegate of the Junta de Andalucía, has praised the innovative mSurgery solution developed by Vectorpipe, "which arises from the validation of a real need in surgical practice, facilitating the creation and transfer of knowledge through the immersive experiences created in the interactive platform".

IX edition of Alhambra Venture

July 13, 2022

The mSurgery team were a participant in Alhambra Venture 2022 with a place in the exhibition area to show the mSurgery platform and talk to investors and potential partners about the project's future, among other activities.

Also, the team took advantage of being in Granada to visit the facilities of IAVANTE, where they were able to learn about the activities carried out in this center and the team's passion for updating their knowledge. This meeting was the first contact to explore new possibilities for collaboration.

South Summit Madrid 2022

The Ecosystem We Need to Shape the Future of Healthcare

June 9, 2022

The healthcare sector requires alliances and agreements between traditional stakeholders and new players coming from the technology and entrepreneurship sectors. What do we need to make these alliances possible? All we are aligned? What projects are we developing when we are open to cooperating?

In this panel moderated by Sara Pedraz, Innovation Lead at GSK was presented the OncoGYN, the first remote learning program for health professionals on ovarian and endometrial cancer.

In Spain, they are around 100 thousand women with that kind of cancer, and only eight accredited centers provide surgeries for this illness. So this project aims to try to expand the knowledge of these centers, and provide any healthcare professionals no matter where they are the knowledge from diagnosis, surgery, and post-operative care.

The certified gynecologists will be able to stream in real-time and record the surgeries performed, by using the mSurgery platform that integrates Immersive Reality and 5G connectivity.

The first remote learning program focused on ovarian and endometrial cancer

June 6, 2022

Telefónica and GSK have signed an agreement to develop, with the support of Vectorpipe's platform mSurgery, a remote learning program aimed at health professionals on ovarian and endometrial cancer pathologies.

The aim of this project, a pioneer in Spain, is to aid surgeons to train and update their knowledge in this typeof highly complex surgery, without the need to leave their usual place of work. Also, to expand the number of health centers and medical personnel that can attend to these interventions, since there are currently only seven hospitals with the necessary accreditation to carry them out.

This new training proposal will use immersive reality, and 5G connectivity to record and broadcast live the operations carried out by gynecologists certified by the European Society of Gynecological Oncology (ESGO), and can be followed by all the health personnel who request it.

First endoscopy procedures in Spain using Virtual Reality and 5G technologies for real-time communications

October 26, 2021

The Quirónsalud Hospital in Málaga and Telefónica have carry out the first endoscopies in Spain, using 5G technology and Virtual Reality in real-time, during the Congress of Virtual Reality Endoscopy 2021. The operating room at the hospital was connected to the auditorium of the Telefónica headquarters in Madrid in real-time to perform five surgical procedures.

The attendees could see, immersively, the entire operating room, the video generated by the endoscopy source, and the parameters of the procedure, such as the type of scalpel or cutting power, as well as patient's vital signs. They have also interacted in real-time with the doctor who has performed the interventions in Málaga.

To achieve the total immersion in virtual reality, a 360º camera and an environment camera were installed in the operating room. The interaction during these interventions were performed with low latency and high video quality by using the mSurgery platform.